Solid Waste Management
 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Kent Hampton  Dunklin CO.
 Darrell Jones  Mississippi CO.
 Don Day  New Madrid CO.
 Ben Baker  Pemiscot CO.
 Stephan Keating  Pemiscot CO.
 Dennis Ziegenhorn, Chairman  Scott CO.
 Carol Jarrell  Stoddard CO.
Air and Water Quality
 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Julian Steiner, Chairman, Executive Director  Stoddard CO. IDA, Stoddard CO.
 Jim Grebing  Dunklin CO.
 VACANT  Mississippi CO.  VACANT
 Don Day, Associate Commissioner  New Madrid CO.
 Mark Cartee, Presiding Commissioner  Pemiscot CO.
 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Julian Steiner, Executive Director  Stoddard CO. IDA, Stoddard CO.
 Jessie Newsom  City of Howardville, New Madrid CO.
Budget and Finance
 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 VACANT  Mississippi CO.  VACANT
 Mark Baker, Presiding Commissioner  New Madrid CO.
 Jim Grebing, Economic Developer  City of Kennett, Dunklin CO.
 Julian Steiner, Executive Director  Stoddard CO. IDA, Stoddard CO.
Comprehensive Economic Development

 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Joel Evans, Chairman, President and CEO   DAEOC, Portageville, MO
 Julian Steiner, Executive Directior  Stoddard CO. IDA, Bloomfield, MO
 Richard McGill  City of New Madrid, MO
 Missy Marshall, Director  TRCC- Sikeston Campus, Sikeston, MO
 Jason Schrumpf, President and CEO  Missouri Delta Medical Ctr., Sikeston, MO
 Jim Grebing, Economic Developer  City of Kennett, MO
 John Ferguson  Pemiscot CO. Port Authority, Caruthersville, MO
 Mike Marshall, Executive Director, Economic Developer  Chamber of Commerce, City of Sikeston, MO
 Christina Wade, Regional Economic and Community Development Officer  Delta Regional Authority, Clarksdale, MS
 Hannah Barnett, Executive Director  Bootheel Regional Planning Commission, Dexter, MO


Transportation Advisory Committee

 Jay Lancaster, Chairman  Director of Public Works, Scott CO.
 Jonathan "JD" Douglass, City Manager  City of Sikeston, Scott CO.
 Timmie Lynn Hunter, Executive Director  New Madrid CO. Port Authority, New Madrid CO.
 Donnie Brown  New Madrid CO.   *
 John Ferguson  Pemiscot CO.
 Mark Cartee, Elected Official  Pemiscot CO.
 Lisa Green, Mayor  City of Hayti, Pemiscot CO.
 Richard Goode, City Administrator  City of Charleston, Mississippi CO.
 Mark Stidham, City Administrator  City of Dexter, Stoddard CO.
 Danny Talkington, Presiding Commissioner  Stoddard CO.
 Christopher Peters  Nestle-Purina, Bloomfield Plant, Stoddard CO.
 Steve Jordan  Heavy Duty Trux, Ltd., Stoddard CO.
 Don Collins, Presiding Commissioner  Dunklin CO.
 David Blalock, Manager  Malden Regional Airport, Dunklin CO.
 Katrina Hodges  Dunklin CO. Transit, Dunklin CO.
 VACANT  Education  VACANT
 Joel Evans, President and CEO  DAEOC
 VACANT  Fire and Rescue  VACANT
 Jay Lancaster, Chairman, Director of Public Works  City of Sikeston, Scott CO.
 Jerry Lathum  Healthcare/ADA
 Julian Steiner, Executive Director  Stoddard County IDA
 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Jim Grebing  City of Kennet, Dunklin CO.
 Silvey Barker  East Prarie Tourism, Mississippi CO.
 Christinia McWaters  New Madrid Chamber of Commerce, New Madrid CO.
 Linda Lowes, Director of Governmental Affairs  City of Sikeston, Scott CO.
 Jerry Corder, Chairman  City of Dexter, Stoddard CO.
 Hannah Barnett, Executive Director  Bootheel Regional Planning & Economic Development Commission


 Name/Title  Represents  Email
 Mark Barker  New Madrid CO.
 Julian Steiner, Executive Director  Stoddard CO. IDA, Stoddard CO.


Name/Title Represents Email
 Julian Steiner, Executive Director  Stoddard CO. IDA, Stoddard CO.
 John Ferguson  Pemiscot CO. Port Authority, Pemiscot CO.
 Jessie Newsom, Mayor  City of Howardville, New Madrid CO.


Bootheel Regional Planning Commision

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