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Solid Waste Planner
Job Title:              Solid Waste Planner

Department:         Solid Waste                                               FlSA Status:   Exempt

Part-time Position

Supervision Received:  Reports to and received general and specific supervision from the Executive Director.

Supervision Exercised:  None.

Responsibilities:  Organizes and coordinates the BRP & EDC solid waste activities such as: writes and updates Bootheel Solid Waste District Plan in accordance with Senate Bill 530 guidelines; write and administer solid waste district grants; write and administer Missouri State Project Grants; maintain inventory of solid waste teaching materials and brochures; assist in presentations of solid waste education to clubs/schools and individual; submit all reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly in RE-TRACK; conduct site visits to grantees; organize and manage e-waste events in the District; coordinate hazardous waste events with DNR; invoice for grant funds; and, research and preparation of correspondence and reports.

Essential Functions of the Job:  Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of a time; ability to communicate verbally and in writing:  ability to operate basic office equipment having keyboards, buttons, and dials;  ability to manually grasp, push, pull and lift objects weighing up to 75 pounds. Must possess the ability to visually inspect work sites; ability to work irregular hours; must possess ability operate motor vehicle;  ability to remain flexible to changing priorities and deadlines; working well under pressure; maintain appropriate tact and courtesy with the general public, councils, commission , and co-workers.  Requires a strong sense of responsibility, superior judgment, high motivation, excellent initiative and attention to detail.  Makes formal and informal presentations to advisory boards, city councils, county commissions, State Legislatures and the general public.

Knowledge, Skills and Job Requirements: Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Public Administration with a strong background in earth science or solid waste applications, or the equivalent in experience and other education may be considered with the approval of the BRP & EDC. Must be able to travel to grantee site and attend meetings in Jefferson City. Individual must possess a valid license and access to a motor vehicle. Must be able to converse by phone and in person with grantees, clients, and District board members.

Equipment Used or Operated:  Motor vehicles, computers, calculators, visual aid devices and other standard office equipment.

Employment Preconditions:   The undersigned, before assignment to any employment position as described in the forgoing job description, herby acknowledge he/she has read said job description, and each subpart thereof and consents to its content.  Additionally, applicant indicates his/her consent to any testing provided for in the written job description and authorizes the BRP & EDC to conduct background checks, such as, but not limited to:  employment, driving, violation and criminal histories, as may be required for said position.

Position is will close on September 20th at 4:00 pm

Please send resumes to:

Hannah Barnett

Executive Director

105 E. North Main

Dexter, MO 63841 

Bootheel Regional Planning Commision

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