State Awards $2.3 Million to Bootheel Communities


The Bootheel Regional Planning & Economic Development Commission (BRPC) in Dexter, MO has had a successful run of grants awarded in this past cycle. In October 2018 the BRPC applied for six grants to the Missouri Department of Economic Development Community Development Block Grant program that will improve roads and water drainage across the Bootheel and was awarded all six grants totaling over $2.3 million. The six communities that will be seeing changes are the following: Canalou ($483,762), New Madrid ($492,966), Homestown ($251,004), Hornersville ($485,987), Bloomfield ($200,256), and Bertrand ($459,091). The City of Canalou, in New Madrid County, will see improvements to McArthur St. and Van Buren St. Both streets will be overlaid with two inches of asphalt. The City of New Madrid, in New Madrid County, will be seeing changes to several streets and water drainage swales including St. Isadore Drive, Mitchell Avenue, Riley Street, Mill Street, and Dunn Street will all be overlaid with two inches of asphalt. The City of Homestown, in Pemiscot County, will be seeing improvements to the main city streets which include: Lincoln Street, Mack Street, Delmo Street, Circle Street, and Roosevelt Street. The streets will all get an overlay of two inches of asphalt. North Roosevelt Street will see four inches of asphalt laid. The City of Hornersville, in Dunklin County, will see improvements to Pecan Street, Depot Street, Mulberry Street, and portions of Central Street and Brannum Street. The streets listed will have all potholes fixed and will be overlaid with two inches of asphalt. The city will also see the ditches that boarder these streets cleaned out and replaced with new culverts. The City of Bloomfield, in Stoddard County, will see improvements to Missouri Street and Reed Street; both streets will be overlaid with two inches of asphalt. The City of Bertrand, in Mississippi County, will see improvements to Jobe Street Loop, Beech Street, South Hickory Street, and the intersection of East Oak Street, and North Poplar Street. The streets listed have existing gravel streets, but will be replaced with an asphalt pavement overlay and sealcoat. All improvements to these six cities will be completed by Fall 2020.

 “We are very pleased to announce that all six of the grants submitted in October 2018 have been awarded to the Bootheel Region! The grants will help fund necessary infrastructure projects taking place in the Bootheel. Each grant awarded will play a tremendous role in making our communities in the Bootheel both safer for travel and more aesthetically pleasing,” BRPC Executive Director Hannah Barnett.

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