Executive Director and Staff

Hannah comes to the BRP & EDC with experience as a Program Coordinator for the Center for Nonprofit and Small Town Support in Jonesboro, AR along with experience with the Delta Center for Economic Development in Jonesboro, AR including support services for not-for-profits serving low-income, underserved populations, support services for small communities through community and economic development, project management, market analysis, system of care initiatives, fundraising; has established a volunteer services department to serve low-income, disenfranchised populations by strategically placing volunteers to support operations; has been awarded over $5.8 Million in local, state, and federal investments, including the creation of a 529 Plan for low-income, disenfranchised populations. Hannah has a Master of Public Administration with a Nonprofit Emphasis, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in Accounting from Arkansas State University. You can contact Hannah at hbarnett@bootrpc.com or call 573-614-5178 ext. 108.   
Betty Kindle
Compliance Specialist
573-614-5178 Ext. 101
Katelyn Lambert
Fiscal Officer
573-614-5178 ext. 103
Debra McKay
Community Development Director - Grant Administrator
573-614-5178 Ext. 113
Kelly Mitchell
Economic Development Director
573-614-5178 ext. 112
Kent Luke
Solid Waste Planner
573-614-5178 ext. 102
Scott Perry
Transportation Planner
573-614-5178 Ext. 104
Robin Shelton
BSWMD Education Program Coordinator

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